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Find Housing in Emmetsburg

In order to provide a place for local hosts and RAGBRAI riders/crew to connect, we've created the "Emmetsburg RAGBRAI Housing" Facebook group. You may join the group today!


Local hosts and RAGBRAI riders are able to post in the group to request/offer housing. All posts will be reviewed/approved by a group admin (one of our Emmetsburg RAGBRAI committee members) before it will be published.


In order to keep the process as organized as possible, we're asking that riders and hosts include the information below in their posts. Additionally, we ask that you please delete your post(s) from the group once you've matched up with a host/rider. This will make it easier for those still seeking/offering housing to look through group posts and connect with a host/rider.

Posting guide/template for riders:

Please provide the following information when you post in the group:

  • Contact person name (if different than your Facebook name)

  • Contact person RAGBRAI wristband number

  • Total number in group

  • Number of males, females, and/or children in group

  • Short description of facilities you're looking for (tent camping, beds, floor space, shower/toilet access, smoking/nonsmoking, vehicle parking, pet friendly, etc.)


Official RAGBRAI wristbands:

All riders requesting housing must provide a wristband number as proof of their registration.


Need Assistance?

Are you a seeking housing but don't use Facebook? Please contact the Emmetsburg RAGBRAI Committee/Emmetsburg Chamber at 712-852-2283 or emmetsburgRAGBRAI@gmail.com. We'll collect your information and post to the Facebook group on your behalf and get you matched with a host.

Our housing chair is working hard to assist riders/teams with their housing placements. July 15th will be the last day for groups to request assistance with their housing placement. After July 15th, riders will need to use the Facebook group to find a local host.