Emmetsburg Town Theme & Shirt Design Revealed

Bikin' the Burg

The Emmetsburg RAGBRAI® theme and town t-shirt design has been selected. Thousands of cyclists will be "Bikin' the Burg" this summer during the oldest, largest and longest week-long bicycle touring event in the world!

Members of the Emmetsburg RAGBRAI® Marketing Committee members met last week to review design submissions for the official Emmetsburg town t-shirt and theme for the RAGBRAI® 2022 overnight stop on July 26, 2022. In total, thirty-six designs were submitted. The committee worked to narrow the selection down to a handful of favorites before selecting two final winners. The winning designs were submitted by Gretchen Reichter (above left) and Rob Tahtinen (above right). 

The committee was drawn to the simplicity and clean design of both entries. Reicher's design features "Bikin' the Burg" as the theme and includes a large bicycle, the name of our town, and the event date. Tahtinen's design includes a smaller image of a cyclist along with the name of our community, zip code, and state abbreviation.

With the cooperation of the designers, the committee made small adjustments to make the two designs cohesive and a wee bit more Irish. Shamrocks were added, and a muted green and orange color scheme was selected, hinting at Emmetsburg's strong Irish heritage. The multi-color designs will be printed on the front and back of sage green t-shirts. The color of the t-shirt will serve as one of the colors of the design by utilizing negative space in each design - the bicycle and "the" in Reichter's design, and the green/left background portion of Tahtinen's design.  

The committee is currently working to finalize t-shirt details and set up online ordering. Watch the Emmetsburg-RAGBRAI Facebook page and Emmetsburg Reporter-Democrat for details about ordering the official town t-shirt.

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